Bilquis Ahmed is one of the principal managing partners and founders of Acadimus™ and brings decades of knowledge building, developing and counselling education institutions and students from all over the world. She has worked closely with government bodies in the province of British Columbia in the registration process and accreditation of schools of higher learning. She has been a beacon of strength specifically in the cosmetology industry having overseen the student services of a leading college in cosmetology and has been instrumental in the accreditation of many institutions in British Columbia. Ms. Ahmed is well connected in the industry and is a fountain of information for the student and the school of higher learning.

Arun Masand is the other principal managing partner and founder of Acadimus™ and is a trained educator, career counseller, developer and manager of curriculum and school information management systems. His vast and varied business experience in the field has taken him on trade expositions with the Canadian Education Commission to deliver talks at universities overseas and has co-authored student textbooks in the hospitality industry as well as articulated agreements with universities and worked on the accreditation of post secondary education institutions in British Columbia. As an active lecturer for higher learning programs, Arun Masand is passionate and always ready to share his expertise with students and schools alike to find solutions for an improved path to reaching education goals.

Team support with Acadimus™ includes an array of smart, experienced instructors, curriculum developers and practising professionals in their field of study. Rest assured, the whole team and resource engine goes to bat for you and seeks to exceed your expectations.

“No one can whistle a symphony … It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”